Plastic-absorbing packaging for syringes


Disposable aseptic infusion device, injection needle, scalp needle, blood collection needle, syringe, etc. have passed the CE, ISO13485, ISO 9001 quality system certification, twice grinding chamfer, needle sharper.

[Product Overview]

This product is mainly made of medical grade PVC raw material through injection molding, blow molding, assembly, packaging, sterilization and other processes in 100,000 grade purification workshop. The product is sterilized by ethylene oxide, sterile, pyrogen-free, safe and reliable, and easy to use.

[Instructions for Use]

Open the small package bag, remove the protective cover of the cork puncture device, insert the cork puncture device into the infusion container, drain the air bubbles, perform venipuncture, and adjust the flow rate according to the need. This product can only be transfused by gravity.


1. This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide and has no pyrogen. It is only for one-time use and destroyed after use.

2. It is forbidden to use damaged packages, falling off protective sheaths or foreign bodies in them.


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